The BEST Kept Secret in Tampa Bay Florida

There is a place in Florida, one of the best places that maybe you’ve never heard about. A place with a slow rhythm, with as many dogs, bikes and kids as there are cars. The speed limit on Main Street is 25 mph if that gives you a hint.

Here, time slows down and pace become relaxed. This place is Safety Harbor, Florida, often referred to as the Jewel of Tampa Bay.

Safety Harbor is located on the west shore of Tampa Bay. The Tampa Bay waterfront is Safety Harbor’s most prominent feature with beautiful pedestrian and bike trails along the waterfront, reaching from Philippe park to the north and the Courtney Campbell causeway to the south, connecting with the Rheem-Wilson trail along the way.

Safety Harbor has a perfect location.  It is centrally located to the Tampa Bay area, within minutes of Clearwater, Tampa, Dunedin, tarpon springs and St. Petersburg.

This town is blessed with the most friendly people and year round fun events. Music festivals, antique car shows, sea food festivals, wine on main street, Sunday Farmer’s Market, there are events just about every week. And every third Friday, Main Street is shut down and the entire town turns in to one big street party with food, drink, music, art and more!

Another great thing about safety harbor: it has an amazing collection of great local restaurants, far more than you would expect for a small town. These restaurants and pubs are all Locally owned, chief centric and one of kind. Downtown Safety Harbor is only 10 blocks long and a couple blocks wide, so the only transportation you’ll need is your own two feet!

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