This Town Has Art In Its Heart

I am a true believer that everyone is an artist. Art is not just pretty things displayed in a museum or gallery, it is all the things that stop us, from our daily rush, to pause for a second or two, and really see the beauty around us.

When you come to Safety Harbor, Florida, you will see artistry everywhere, created by the most friendly and fun-loving people here.

Safety Harbor Welcomes You with Art Along Main Street

Art in front of the Whistle Stop Restaurant
Art created by the fishermen (unknowingly ) at the sunrise of Philippe Park
Mural Art on Main Street
Art at the street corner
Art at the street corner
Art at the street corner
This is my favorite piece of art, it is painted on a picnic table at Philippe Park, can I challenge you to find it 🙂
Art created by Nature
Art created by Nature

Inspired by all the artistry at Safety Harbor, here comes our Casa Artista 2 bed, 2 bath vacation home, packed with color, nature, luxury, and comfort.

Blackberry at Casa Artista
Sunroom at Casa Artista
Casa Artista, A Dream Vacation Home in Downtown Safety Harbor, FL

Learn more about Casa Artista, check it out here:–the-most-enchanting-relaxing-escape/218355

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