Safety Harbor – Small Town with Award-Winning Restaurants

If this is your first visit to Safety Harbor, you are in for a treat!

Known as the hidden jewel of Tampa Bay, I could not imagine a more relaxing and inspiring place.

Among the stunning sunrise, city marina, boutique shops, year-round festivities, one big mystery remains about safety harbor:

How is such a small town packed with so many fantastic restaurants?!

Ellen and I both love great food, and drinks 🙂 So please, let us introduce you to some of our all-time favorite places to eat, drink and have a great time.

Pizzeria Gregorio

The first must go is Pizzeria Gregorio – its a boutique pizza shop. The man making the pies is the owner, Greg. Greg is seriously a perfectionist when it comes to bread baking, making the best tomato sauce, and house-made mozzarella. Fresh ingredients plus Greg’s passion explained the unexplainable great taste of the pizza.

Also, please don’t tell him that we said this. We think Greg is a philosopher disguised as a chef. I would recommend sitting at the bar in front of the pizza oven, you are well dined and well entertained!

Parts of Paris

Another one of our favorite places. It is french food served with southern hospitality. Owner Chris and everyone at the bar will make you feel right at home.

We have tried just about everything on the menu and it has all been fantastic. We once brought a friend of ours who lived in France for years, he ordered lamb chops, he rated it two thumbs up!

Bar Fly

Be sure to also visit BarFly on the east end of downtown. It is an awesome Caribbean-themed place with fresh seafood, fun decorations, and the most relaxing atmosphere.

If you happen to be in town on Tuesday, be sure to check out the famous Taco Tuesday at BarFly, it will be a fantastic time to see many locals as well as happy visitors.

The Kitchen and Bar at Safety Harbor

Set in a charming bungalow, the Kitchen and Bar at Safety Harbor is one of our favorite places anywhere.

The gumbo dish is one of the best we ever had, including New Orleans.

The petit filet mignon with scallops is simply speechless! The plate was cleaned up so quickly, no pictures were taken, Sorry!

Southern Fresh

Born and raised in Nashville, I have an unrealistic high standard when it comes to fried chicken. Yet, Southen Fresh’s fried chicken made to the top of my list. The batter is crispy, the chicken is tender and juicy. Just the right amount of spiciness. All the other southern sides are equally impressive. Also, the best chicken noodle soup in the Tampa Bay area.

The list just goes on and one, in our next blog let’s talk about drinks.

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