Fido’s Favorite Coffee in Safety Harbor, Tampa Bay Florida

Florida Safety Harbor

So you and Fido finally arrived in Safety Harbor, the hidden jewel of Tampa Bay!

We hope you’ve had a chance to try one of the Best Restaurants in Tampa Bay or one of the Most Unique Local Breakfast Spots.

Now what to do on this beautiful sunny day?

Let’s start with Coffee…Here are 3 of the BEST Coffee Spots!

Café Vino Tito

Best Coffee Experience is Cafe Vino Tinto. I ordered my usual Cafe Americano here and I was blown away by the excellent Costa Rican coffee. Beans are roasted here right on-site. Most folks around town refer to it as the “Coffee Window” because it really is a walk-up window where you are served and can enjoy your brew at one of the patio tables.

I have heard that they also serve one-of-a-kind waffles on the weekend, like this Black Forest Gluten-Free Waffle that we’re looking forward to trying on our next visit.

It’s in the back of the big New Orleans-styled building that faces Main Street, right across the parking lot from the DreamCatchers mural (see our breakfast blog post)

Two interesting facts about the shop:

1.     It is an all-ladies run business!

2.     They were voted the Best Crafted Beverage in 2019

Kilo’s Kava and Tea Bar

This is a place where Fido is King (or Queen!) Could you tell from their sign?

Great group of guys that run the place – it’s a unique and great experience. Looks like they have a big outdoor courtyard, but it was chilly the evening we were there, so we stayed indoors.

What’s unique about this coffee shop is the Kava, also known as the “happy root”, an alternative to wine that gives a euphoric calming experience.

Couple of interesting things about Kava:

1.     It is very popular among pet owners. Bringing your puppy to the café will extend your happy hour, and your fur baby will get a treat also!

2.     If you are going to try a Kava, make sure that you did not have wine before 🙂 Kava and alcohol do not mix well.


Gotta have one, right?! It’s right on Main St at 2nd Ave S, toward the Tampa Bay end of town.

Couple of things that are of interest at this particular Starbucks:

This is a place where proud pet owners and passionate cyclists gather and have a good time!

It has one of the most creative mural designs inside.

Also a great place to enjoy another unique mural design right across the street at the local chamber of commerce.

Let one of these great coffee spots start your day bright!

The next will be some fun shopping and parks to enjoy.

Hang on..more coming.

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